Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monogrammed Hats for Women

custom embroidered derby hat for ladies

Monogrammed clothing for women can come in many forms and the ladies hat is such a popular choice. The horse races make for a perfect chance for women to wear their favorite personalized derby hats in style. Custom embroidered initials in any font and thread color accentuate any sun dress and strappy sandal ensemble. The Kentucky Derby and Preakness or Carolina Cup all make for a gallery of gorgeous women's floppy hats. 

custom personalized hats for ladies

If you are going for a casual look, the personalized sun visor is a must have. Whether on the tennis court or golf course, these great sun hats for ladies makes for a wonderful way to keep the sun out of her eyes and damaging sun rays off of the face. Monogrammed ball caps for women and teens are festive for any day of the week. Whether you wear them to the gym, to the beach or just to class or around campus, sporting a hat is a great and stylish way for the preppy girl to cover up her bad hair days!

custom embroidered baby bonnet

Don't forget the baby! The Pink Giraffe specializes in sun hats for baby too. They make a dynamic and unique gift for any new mother and baby will look simply adorable in them on the beach this summer. 

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