Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Needlepoint Monograms for Classy Girls

Needlepoint is a traditional hobby that dates back to the Egyptian era. Custom needlework is a form of precise thread hand embroidering woven onto an open canvas. The amount of detail shown in custom designs is decidedly upon the thread count of the canvas. Common uses for this beautiful art form display are in women's shoes, throw pillows and Christmas stockings. 

Custom personalized mules are a fun way to express one's preppy style on any day of the year. Monogrammed needlepoint shoes are a classic closet staple for any sophisticated lady. Design your own pair with any two colors of your choosing as well as the leather color for truly a beautiful pair. With four sole types available including mules (slipper style), women's loafers,  slide sandals, and men's custom loafers. These custom personalized shoes for ladies are great to wear for any occasion.  Preppy girls love to show off initials and this great custom pair of shoes is the perfect option to display them in style.

Who doesn't love the art of custom handiwork involving yarn and canvas. Upscale homes come decorated with throw pillows in popular equestrian designs.  Finished off any boring room with a beautiful needlepoint pillow to take the bore out of the room. Horse lovers will adore designs featuring an English saddle, snaffle bit, a silver trophy with a first place blue ribbon and horse halter, as well as fox hunt patterns. Polish any barn lounge or tack room with these great equestrian accents. Look no further for holiday gifts for the horse enthusiast and rider on your list.

Decorate your fireplace mantle this holiday season with gorgeous personalized needlepoint Christmas stockings that come embroidered with a name at the top, embroidered just for you. Choose any font to personalize with the first name of a child, a family member or a favorite pet who needs to be included in the holiday festivities. Choose yours from so many fun designs ranging from dog breeds - Labradors and Westies are best sellers - to Christmas trees and angels! Kelly Rightsell patterns are a favorite for little ones. Adorable designs such as frog soldiers, puppy dogs and a monkey riding a giraffe! What a fun way to celebrate the holiday season.

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