Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Custom Monogrammed Serving Trays are Here!

These adorable new custom preppy monogrammed serving trays have arrived at The Pink Giraffe! We are so excited to share them with you. Design yours however you like. Choose your fabric, monogram style and thread color for a unique design all your own. It makes for a fantastic wedding or shower gift. New brides can serve their guests in style!

And these new monogrammed hairbows are not just precious but doubly functional, they serve as both a hairbow as well as a monogrammed pony tail holder! The pony tail holder can be detached from the center of the bow for use all by iteslf. How much fun are these? What little girly girl wouldn't love one of these to match all of her outfits??

1 comment:

kate micaela said...

The tray that you presented here is so customize. I like it a lot.